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Germany: on July 1, cancel the subsidies reduction policy

Dates:[2011-6-27]    Hits:[816]

       According to the Reuters reported for the first half of this year, given the German new photovoltaic installation quantity frustrating, the government is going to cancel the original subsidies cut plan.March to may, during the new photovoltaic installation less than 1 GW, government officials worry if years cut subsidies would not save their flagging pv industry.
       March to may of photovoltaic system installation quantity of photovoltaic project will be all year round, and at present industry benchmarking goal not done or more than 3.5 MW, this means that the flexibility of the gradual elimination measures will not come into effect on July 1. Therefore, the expected 15% of the subsidy cuts will not become a reality.
      Germany of photovoltaic industry seems to be escaped under the radar, however Angela Merkel's democratic union (CDU) is preparing to add another burden; Joachim Pfeiffer and Michael Fuchs The democratic alliance members are calling for the German market, set up photovoltaic maximum Joachim Pfeiffer and Michael foods (Fuchs) have signed a letter of union called for the creation of a 1 GW limit.