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Italy made its farewell to nuclear power.

Dates:[2011-6-27]    Hits:[844]

       According to the French radio international web site reported, the Italian prime minister silvio Berlusconi in June 12 and 13, a national referendum on two consecutive days, a drubbing in. According to the results of the referendum, as many as 90% to 95% of the Italian people to return to nuclear energy, water management and pricing privatization and the relevant Mr Berlusconi I forgive the referendum on the right of judicial issues are voted against。And one of the referendum's result is
       This is the blessing in Japan because of the earthquake and tsunami island nuclear power plant the descent of nuclear accident happened, Europe after the third announced it will suspend nuclear power country.。Before this, Germany has announced in 2022 years ago shut down its domestic all the nuclear reactor.。After that, a few days ago in Switzerland also announced that in 2034 years ago, out of nuclear power.
       Facing this referendum result, report says, the Italian opposition believe that this is "Berlusconi era beginning of the end of".