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K.D New Energy Technology CO., LTD is a high-tech enterprise that focusing on photovoltaic(PV) industry and one of the vertically integrated photovoltaic manufacturers. We develop, manufacture and sell photovoltaic modules to a wide range of markets, including Germany, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Greece, France, South Korea, China, India and the United States. The sharply increasing worldwide need for energy must be met in a sustainable way. Seen from this perspective, renewable energy sources play an ever more important, but currently still limited role in the energy balance. The mission of K.D New Energy is the speedy development of photovoltaic technology so that solar power can become an important energy source and an alternative to other energy sources in the medium and long term. Thus K.D New Energy wants to make a significant contribution to the protection of the environment and the increase in quality of people’s life. We will keep working on to strengthen our managerial skills, expand the industry scale and set up favorable public image.
Though still a young corporation, K.D energy will advance courageously in face of various challenges along the way. And we will push ahead with technical innovations and development of new products.
It is our foremost strategic objective to forge ahead with the technological development and cost optimizations of photovoltaic with a view to achieving a worldwide position as one of the energy sources of the future. We will seize the opportunity and insist on self-development and innovation. And we measure ourselves against the best in the market.
R&D is fundamental to our corporate culture and the mindset of all our employees. A PV technology research and development center by an excellent technical team has already been established .We have also set up an experienced managerial team to ensure that K.D new energy will be continually driving upwards and onwards.
We aspire to be socially and environmentally responsible in every decision we make. As a leader in sustainable energy solutions, we are proud of our mission: to make solar power an enduring and cost-effective technology for all humankind.
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